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Practice of administrative cases

  1. Appeal of acts of individual action of subjects of power
  2. Cases concerning violations of the rules of the traffic, traffic accidents
  3. Appeal against administrative charges for the unauthorized use of land
  4. Appeal against inactivity (actions), decisions of the Stategeocodaster departments on the transfer of land
  5. Appeal of administrative penalties in the field of construction, DABI
  6. Administrative offenses are related to corruption
  7. Protection of the interests of the principal in relations with supervisory authorities
W  ith the increase of sanctions for road safety offenses, citizens have been increasingly appealing to us for the purpose of appealing decisions to bring administrative liability. All cases of administrative offenses at first glance are not very important, given the small (in cash equivalent) size of sanctions, that is, negative consequences. However, it should be borne in mind that the decision in the admin. the case is very often a prerequisite for the presentation of significant claims in civil or commercial proceedings. For example, drawing up a protocol on the fault of a person in an accident with the subsequent passing of a court ruling or drawing up materials on copyright infringementate in the course of trade in unlicensed products actually establish the guilty person and identify the offender. Therefore, the next stage to be expected is the request to compensate for losses that can be counted hundreds of thousands of hryvnia. Therefore, it is important to apply to the lawyer in time to prevent the recognition of guilt in the case of an administrative offense. Separate layers are cases about appeals against decisions, actions (inaction) of state bodies and their officials. Among the features should be taken into account the duty of officials to act solely within the limits of the powers provided by law and strict adherence to the order. The duty to prove the lawfulness of the decision is solely on the official. When adopting executive acts of the legal acts of an individual act, the interests of citizens are often violated due to unfounded refusal to satisfy those or other applications. Disputes concerning the admission of citizens to the public service for its passing and dismissal are also subordinate to administrative courts. Given the rapid development of anti-corruption legislation, the legal assistance of a lawyer requires officials to appeal against illegal protocols on administrative offenses related to corruption. The Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses provides for administrative liability for: violation of the restrictions on the combination and combination with other activities; violation of legal restrictions on the receipt of gifts; violation of the requirements of financial control; breach of the requirements for preventing and resolving conflicts of interest; illegal use of information that has become known to a person in connection with the performance of official authority; failure to take anti-corruption measures. The timely detection by the lawyer of an authorized person for drafting protocols on administrative violations of non-compliance with the procedure of registration, the content of documents and the lack of proper evidence will be the reason for their cancellation. To that, theattorney’s attorneys in the administrative right-hand ones are necessary for the effective struggle with the bureaucratic administrative system.