POA practice

  1. The negotiation and approval of the terms and conditions
  2. Preparation of complete legal opinions
  3. Development of marriage contracts
  4. Development of documents that would define the place of child`s residence and alimony for the child
  5. Development of commercial contracts
  6. Development of the reconciliation agreement between the victim and the suspect (the accused)
  7. Development of employment contracts and job descriptions
O  ur group believe that the contract should reflect only essential for the parties and provide a clear meaning. We recommend to enter into “workers”, professional and concise contract. After all, in the future, such a contract is much easier to protect the rights of the parties in court. We emphasize on the fact that the marriage contract can be signed at the moment of marriage, and at the stage of termination of marital relations. The contract will save time on litigation. It is important to know the key questions that can be addressed in such contracts, the definition of assets that remain the private property and personal property; provided the proportion for spouses in respect of property that will be purchased by couple in the future. On practice, reconciliation is usually the most efficient and beneficial outcome for both sides, spatially in case of minor offends. After all, in some cases, the victim knows, that he will not be benefited if the offender would receive jail term or penalties. We emphasize on the fact that such agreement may be concluded in the production of criminal offenses, crimes small and average weight, as well as in the form of a private prosecution. If there are several victims, one contract is concluded. Experience shows that it is better to discuss such agreement with defender, because he is not guided by emotion, acts to achieve an overall compromise in the interests of the victim, can professionally explain the consequences of such reconciliation and monitor the implementation of agreements. Most courts do not approve the agreement, drafted without complying with all formal requirements. For entrepreneurs we recommend to sign civil law contracts with the managers of their businesses. Typically, such contracts are specific to each situation and can not be copied from the Internet. We know how to provide for such a treaty: a stimulating form of control the business of payment; limit the disclosure of trade secrets and hard effective sanctions for violations; set a limit of competence; establish financial reporting and interaction with the business owner. Correctly and clearly written authority of the manager, give the owner the proper organization of business, the ability to solve operational issues of economic activity, while at the same time eliminates the possibility without approval to sell the property, goods, or re-register property.