POA practice

  1. The negotiation and approval of the terms and conditions
  2. Preparation of complete legal opinions
  3. Development of marriage contracts
  4. Development of documents that would define the place of child`s residence and alimony for the child
  5. Development of commercial contracts
  6. Development of the reconciliation agreement between the victim and the suspect (the accused)
  7. Development of employment contracts and job descriptions
We are supporters of the fact that the agreement should reflect only significant circumstances for the parties and their clear meaning. We advise you to conclude effective, professional and concise contracts. Lawyers are ready to fulfill the assignment to agree, develop, participate in negotiations with a view to concluding an effective treaty. After all, in the future with such a treaty it is much easier to protect the rights and interests of a party in court. In the negotiation of the essential terms of the contract and negotiations built on the principles of mutual concessions and joint benefits, qualified lawyers should participate.

We focus on the fact that the marriage contract can be signed both at the time of marriage and at the stage of termination of marital relations, which will save time for litigation. If it is a marriage contract, then it is subject to notarization and comes into force from the moment of marriage, if it is a contract that regulates the relations of people living in the same family, it comes into force from the moment of conclusion, regardless of the registration of marriage . People who live in the same family have a common life, and therefore the total budget, but have not registered a marriage, in order to warn against possible lawsuits, they turn to lawyers with the question of drafting such a contract. It is important to know the key issues that can be resolved by such a contract, namely: the definition of property that remains private personal property and property that will be a joint family property; to provide for the spouses’ share in respect of property to be acquired in the future in the family; provide for a principled approach in which property, which according to the title document is registered in the name of one of the spouses during the marriage will be his private property.

In the vast majority of cases, the conclusion of economic contracts in writing guarantees in the future its proper performance by the counterparty, and in case of non-fulfillment, ensures adequate compensation. Our lawyers and lawyers in Kiev will help to draw up contracts of any kind: contracts on the transfer of property (contract of sale, lease, barter agreement, etc.); contracts for the performance of works (contractor agreement, contract for the performance of scientific research, design and technological works, etc.); contracts for the provision of services (a contract of carriage, a supply contract, a transport expedition agreement, a commission agreement, a commission agreement, etc.). If necessary, the terms of such contracts are subject to agreement with counterparties. Also, at the request of the client, additional services are provided: the verification of the authorization of signatories under the contract; verification of counterparties for reliability, availability of lawsuits, tax arrears; carrying out of the legal analysis of contracts concluded by clients with the reference in our lawyer company (legal examination of contracts); preparation of draft additional agreements or protocols of disagreements to treaties; assessment of possible risks associated with the conclusion of the contract and the development of a package of effective proposals for their minimization.

Professionally written out and developed by lawyers labor contracts and job descriptions will help in unpleasant situations associated with theft or an accident at work. Entrepreneurs have long understood the advantage of concluding civil contracts (contracts) with the managers of their business. Usually such contracts are individual for each situation and can not be copied from public templates on the Internet. We know how to stipulate in such a contract: a stimulating form of payment for a managing business; restrictions on the disclosure of trade secrets and harsh effective sanctions for violations; establish limitations of competence; establish financial reporting and interaction with the business owner. The powers of the manager are correctly and accurately written out, give the owner the proper organization of commercial activity, the possibility of solving operational issues of economic activity, while at the same time exclude the manager’s ability to sell property, goods or re-register real estate without agreement.

Practice shows that an optimal and compromise solution for bringing a person to criminal responsibility, especially for crimes of minor gravity, is the conclusion of an agreement on reconciliation between the victim and the suspect (accused). Indeed, in some cases, the victim understands that it will not be easier for the abuser to receive a specific term of imprisonment or be fined for budget revenue. We focus on the fact that such an agreement can be concluded in the criminal production of misdemeanors, crimes of small and medium gravity, as well as in the form of private prosecution. If there are several victims, one transaction is concluded, but on the other hand several persons are speaking. Practice shows that it is better for an advocate to negotiate such an agreement, because he is not guided by emotions, acts to achieve a general compromise in the interests of the victim, can competently explain the consequences of such reconciliation and monitor the implementation of agreements. The court, often does not approve the agreement, is made without observing all the formalities, so without a lawyer you can not do.