Maintenance of condominiums

  1. Legal and administrative support for the creation and registration of condominiums
  2. Formation of the register of co-owners of an apartment building
  3. Development condominium statute, tariff structure, the act of reception and transmission on the balance sheet
  4. Legal support of the general meetings of members (owners) house
  5. Debate on the obligation to transfer the house to balance condominiums
  6. About collecting arguments in favor of condominiums mandatory contributions from members
  7. Legal audit of chairman of the board of separate condominiums
  8. Coordination of land acquisition of territory condominiums
F  rom July 2016 was forced revolutionary changes in legislation on housing and communal services. From now on, if in an apartment building co-owners are not decided on the form of government through the creation of an association, such a control on a competitive basis will appoint local executive committees. True opportunity to create a union in the future is all the time, but the change assigned a private company, as a steward of your home is no longer in the current year. We have experience in the creation of about 10 associations. It is necessary to consider the following aspects. The initiative group on creation should consist of owners of apartments and non-residential premises with a population of three people. The greater the number, the better, because it will be easier to bear the operating costs of creating. First, you need to get the date and a legally correct list of all the co-owners of the house. On the basis of this list and to conduct preliminary surveys to determine the presence in the house owners positively inclined to such changes, and most importantly, having a total area of ​​more than half of the total area of ​​apartments and rooms of the house. We advise to elect the Chairman of the Board and to hire on the basis of labor relations fulfilling the head, which will deal with the current guidance and report the chairman. At this stage, most of the action teams get stuck. Since no one wants to take responsibility to deal with current issues of home management, especially in the volunteer environment. Hired worker can efficiently and comprehensively address the issues of choice of organizations that will be providing services for the maintenance of the house, monitor the technical condition, implement energy efficiency measures of service at home, keep a record of the payment of fees and costs savings. Pensioners, families with low income and apartment owners with special status do not lose their benefits and subsidies to create the association. Such co-owners for the calculation of subsidies should go to the department of labor and social protection at the place of registration. In the houses of the condominium the size of such rebates approved by the Assembly within the limits set by local authorities. Funds are compensated by the unification of subventions from the state budget to local budgets. The budget that was adopted and approved by the general meeting of union contributions and tariffs for services is required for all owners of residential and non-residential premises. The issue of membership of individuals does not affect the obligation to pay for services. That is, if the majority of compliance with the law and the charter of association, took appropriate decisions, they must be carried out by all the owners. Subscription service of our company as a result of the condominium will save money compared with the contents of a staff lawyer.