Investments or real estate acquisition

  1. Analysis of investment instruments in real estate
  2. Verification of encumbrances, restrictions and injunctions
  3. Verification of the legality of the developer construction work
  4. Support for the conclusion and registration of contracts of sale
  5. Support of registration of property rights and obtain title documents
  6. Support of registration of land rights
  7. Collection of certificates, statements (expert appraisal, manufacture of technical passport, non-cash payments)
I  f you decide to buy or invest under construction in real estate, we help you to implement all possible legal test to establish the possible risks. Experience convinces us that when investing in real estate it is important to check a background of the developer, including the existence of prohibitions, arrests, court cases, public execution and criminal proceedings. In addition, it is necessary to check the validity of the declaration of the beginning of the construction works and documents the builder to the ground. There are cases of construction work without registration of land acquisition that will further obstacle to the registration of property rights. We can exit the construction site builder to negotiate and agree on the possibility of purchase of real estate. At registration of ownership of the “secondary” market – we take care of the execution of “turnkey”. You do not need to think about the notary, expert, technical passport, how to carry out wire transfers, how to get help and discharge. We have been working with a professional notary, so to save time, provide guarantees of legal registration of your ownership.