Family Law Attorney

  1. Divorce and ceparation
  2. Establishment and enforcement of support payments
  3. Review and modification of alimony
  4. Division or equalization of family property
  5. Child custody and access
  6. Disputes about deprivation of parental rights
  7. Recognition and challenging paternity
  8. Obtaining of permission for the child to travel abroad
W  e can help you to divide family business and to prove the necessity of unequal divide of the spouses share. Cases of divorce and division of property are often considered separately. The claim for divorce can not be brought within wife’s pregnancy and for one year after childbirth. Practice shows that it is important to consider the time to the acquisition of property and the means for which such property was acquired (source of family enrichment).
We are able to apply facts of living together without official marriage registration and ending of family relations without stopping divorce. In the cases of the establishment of the child’s place of residence maximum amount of the court of evidence should be provided: the conclusion of the guardianship authority, witness statements, the income and the characteristics of the parents, reference letters and educational institution and/or children’s clinics, and more. The peculiarity of the judicial review of these cases is the account of the child’s interests. If the father had disappeared or refuses to communicate and participate in child care it is a reason to go to court with the requirements of the deprivation of parental rights. Such cases extremely difficult, and the practice is ambiguous, therefore it is advisable to entrust us your questions!