Commercial practice

  1. A permit for placement of outdoor advertising
  2. Registration and the protection of goods and services (trade mark)
  3. Registration and protection of copyright (audio, video works, computer programs)
  4. Judicial protection of copyright and compensation for damages
  5. Registration of the creation, modification and termination of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities
  6. Litigation with the banks
  7. Litigation of bankruptcy of individuals and enterprises

A permit for placement of outdoor advertising

In the procedure for approving outdoor advertising in Kiev, there are a number of aspects that need to be considered. It is necessary to distinguish the categories of the information signboard and advertising signboard, because in the first case, the sign owner will not have to pay a monthly budget for its placement, but in another it is necessary. The procedure for harmonizing the information signboard is much simpler, and the time frame is a fraction of the time. And you need to pay only for advertising, placed on buildings (structures) on the balance of public utilities and quite substantial amounts, depending on the size of advertising and proximity to the city center. When applying for permission documents, employees of KP Kievreklama automatically compose and submit for signing a draft agreement on targeted assistance, that is, the applicant’s monthly bill for signage. We advise you to order signboards, light boxes, banners only after consulting us about the requirements for its construction and the specific location on the facade. After all, it is almost impossible to obtain permission to place external advertising, which does not correspond to the concept approved by the decision of the Kyiv City Council. We cooperate with a qualified designer and a certified architect, so you can solve your question of placing an advertising signboard in a complex. Taking into account the tendency of growth of activity of struggle against illegally placed signboards, we advise not to hesitate in the decision of this question. After the forced dismantling of the signboard, the costs of returning the construction from the storage warehouse, and most importantly the lost commercial image of the establishment and the nerves of the owner are not comparable to the cost of the issue of legal clearance.

Registration and the protection of goods and services (trade mark)

For owners of long-term projects in medium and large businesses, we offer legal services for the registration of a trademark. This procedure does not require large expenditures, but it will give the owner the opportunity to protect the rights violated by unfair competition by his / her logo (name). At the first reference to us – we will make a search and verification for identity and similarity to already registered signs. The cost of registration of a trademark is affected by the following matching criteria: the number of classes (types) of services claimed for designation; color and shape of the sign; terms of compulsory examination. We will help to conduct the procedure of state expertise on the accelerated version. Our lawyers will control the process of approval of the application, and in case of any comments from the Intellectual Property Institute, provide reasoned written explanations. As a result of registration of the mark for goods and services, a natural or legal person receives a certificate, the rights under which can be transferred for use or sold. If the trademark owner identifies the illegal use of its designation, we propose to protect the rights by filing claims or in court. In the court there are prospects to claim damages in a significant amount and ask to prohibit the use of the mark. In addition, it is important to know that the certificate for the sign for goods and services provides the opportunity to register domain names (site addresses) of the top level .UA. By the way, the certificate for a sign for goods and services is one of the documents necessary for the approval of the permission to place the information signboard.

Registration and protection of copyright (audio, video works, computer programs)

We have practice and won cases in the field of copyright protection and compensation for damages. Objects of copyright are works in the field of science, literature and art, including computer programs and databases, music and audiovisual works, photographic works, illustrations, maps, plans, schemes. The author of the said objects, if there are proper documents of confirmation of authorship, has the right to prohibit public use, and demand compensation for the harm caused by such use. In the issue of successful protection of copyright, the key is the fixation of the evidence of public use of the work and the identification of the offender with appropriate evidence. Our lawyers know the proven tactics of obtaining the specified evidence, for the presentation of claims in the economic legal proceedings for compensation of losses. We draw attention to the fact that in cases of literary works, children’s toys and computer programs, if the supplier of the seller sold counterfeit products, and the seller has not sufficiently inspected this, then the seller will be liable for the subsequent sale of counterfeit products, including the seller. Therefore, entrepreneurs should carefully check and clearly understand the consequences of selling counterfeit goods. The category of cases is actual taking into account the legislative possibility of compensation of losses in the amount of 10 to 50 thousand minimum wages for each violation of copyright.

Judicial protection of copyright and compensation for damages

In the shortest time (up to 3 days) we provide services for the registration of an individual entrepreneur and a legal entity. To register a limited liability company, it is sufficient for the customer to determine the name and address of the enterprise; number and persons of the founders and the director; types of economic activity and the taxation system. Qualified lawyers can easily open an account in a banking institution and give the customer a ready seal of the enterprise. In the issues of choosing a taxation system, we will consult to further optimize the tax burden. We have practical experience in the development of individual charters of societies with specific requirements of the founders, including: limitations on the powers of the director, the reporting mechanism for economic activities and effective control by the owners of the enterprise. We will conduct state registration of changes in the legal entity (change of director, founder, activities or address). In the event that the remaining members of the company do not have the consent to hold a general meeting with a view to resolving the issue of leaving the company and paying a share in the authorized capital, an experienced lawyer will defend the rights of a minority owner in court.

Registration of the creation, modification and termination of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities

The practice of litigation with banks under loan and mortgage agreements is ambiguous and changeable, there is a broad legal framework for developing an effective strategy for protecting the rights of the borrower. We draw attention to the possibility in the bankruptcy procedure of an entrepreneur or a company to stop charging all penalties and complete write-off of debt obligations after the sale of collateral. Given the instability of the US dollar against the hryvnia, a severe collapse in the value of real estate, and as a consequence of the immoderate, often illegal charging of huge interest and penalties by bank lawyers, it is more profitable for a business to initiate a procedure for its bankruptcy. Are ready to check the correctness of the accrual of debt in foreign currency on credit obligations and help to carry out the procedure of debt restructuring. Today, factoring companies, for copecks, buy out claims to borrowers, and often use illegal methods of repaying debts. We know how to delay the issue of repaying the debt for a long time and to invalidate the terms of loan agreements for charging unfair and enslaving hidden commissions and penalties.

To declare bankrupt an individual or LLC, write off all debts

Initiate a bankruptcy case of an individual can only the person himself, by contacting the economic court at the place of registration. This can be beneficial to foreign currency borrowers who understand that they cannot cope with the growing interest and sanctions for non-repayment of debt. Unfortunately, if the debtor has seized or mortgage property, its sale is inevitable, but as a result of the end of the bankruptcy case, all existing debts will be written off and the prohibitions and restrictions lifted. The second category of people who may be interested in legal services are debtors for enforcement proceedings for large amounts of money in GIS or from private executors. A judicial dispute with the executor is not promising, and the debtor is entered in the register, in addition, the court issued a ban on traveling abroad. The encumbrances will continue indefinitely, despite the fact that the writ of execution may be repeatedly returned to the claimant. The only way out is the official bankruptcy procedure. In the time period, the services of a lawyer for the legal support of a bankruptcy of a citizen or company can take from six months, and the analysis of the existing situation of the client several days.