Commercial practice

  1. A permit for placement of outdoor advertising
  2. Registration and the protection of goods and services (trade mark)
  3. Registration and protection of copyright (audio, video works, computer programs)
  4. Judicial protection of copyright and compensation for damages
  5. Registration of the creation, modification and termination of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities
  6. Litigation with the banks
  7. Judicial bankruptcy proceedings
T  he procedure of coordination of outdoor advertising in Kiev has its own aspects that should be considered. We advise to book advertising signs, light boxes, posters and other after consultation with us. It is better to take into account the requirements and the existing concept of advertising, and as a result find a compromise version of a constructive solution for each individual advertisement. Second of all, we work with qualified designers and architects, so we are able to solve complex problems. Third, it must be remembered when placing advertising signs on private property or personal property of another person, but not communal (local community) property for the conclusion of the agreement targeted assistance, that is to pay for advertising in the city budget do not. For entrepreneurs, especially in long-term projects, we offer to carry out the registration of trade marks. This procedure does not require large capital investments, and secondly allows the judiciary to protect the violated rights of unfair competition. In court prospects to claim compensation claims and prohibition of use of the notation. In addition, it is important to know that the existence of evidence on the mark for goods and services offers the possibility of registering the top level domain name .UA and simplifies the harmonization of advertising. To be confident in the possibility of registration of the mark is with your chosen name is appropriate to order the preliminary examination. That is, the information search of identical and similar trademark that is done in a fairly short period of time and as a result saves time for consideration of documents for registration. We provide services in the short term for the registration and amendments to the articles of association, information, limited liability companies, individual entrepreneurs. We have experience in the development of individual charters of companies with special requirements, restrictions on the rights and powers of the Director, the scheme effective control by the founders. We, also, can help in choosing the system of taxation and economic activities. The practice of litigation with the banks on the mortgage and credit agreements is ambiguous, so there is a broad legal framework for the election of an effective strategy. We draw attention to the possibility of the entrepreneur in bankruptcy or the public – stop the accrual of penalties and the full write-off of debt after foreclosure. Given the strong collapse of the real estate value and excessive, often illegal charging huge interest and banking sanctions lawyers or employees of factoring companies, business is more profitable to initiate bankruptcy proceedings. Ready to check the correctness of the translation of foreign currency debt and help to negotiate loan restructuring.