Civil Law Practice

  1. Сases of recognition of property rights of inheritance
  2. Collecting funds for debt instruments, receipts
  3. Debate on the establishment of the order of tenure
  4. The case of the easement in respect of real estate
  5. Labor disputes for reinstatement
  6. The case of consumer protection
  7. The protection of honor, dignity and business reputation
I  OU, as a debt instrument, can be a guarantee of obtain a court decision to recover the money from the debtor. However, it is important to calculate correctly all losses, penalties for non-compliance of monetary. People often mistakenly believe that the IOU is provided without the presence of witnesses, it is invalid. The law establishes truncated limitation periods and time limits for the accrual of penalties. It is very common when heirs after receiving a share in hereditary property, failed to agree on joint use of the property. If one of the co-owners individually use the housing or rent it, others do not get any benefit from such a situation. In practice, this problem is solved through lawsuits to allow other owners use of the property. It involves the approval of the construction and technical expertise – to allocate each owner`s share in the estate. If the share of the second co-owner insignificant, it may lead to the claim of compensation for the value of share. For businesses it is common practice to establish easements in respect of commercial real estate. The law provides civilized ways to resolve the issues with shared corridors, common communications networks, specific technical premises. Due to development of social network and internet sources (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, etc.), and media space protection of honor and dignity become an important issue. Our experts able to evaluate the financial damage to business reputation and loss of human dignity. And most importantly, we know how to act in such situations, and who should be responsible for damage – the person who released the information (the site owner), or its author. It is important to know that the negative information disseminated about a person shall be deemed inaccurate if the person who disseminated it does not prove the opposite (presumption integrity). That is not about victim “cleaning” his honor, it is about the offender to prove accuracy of the statement. The specificity of labor court disputes based on the correct delineation of labor relations of civil law and corporate. After all, the manager (director) of the enterprise could be fired in the order of the Labour Code, or to withdraw from the position of the decision of the founders (participants) of the legal entity. Given the ambiguity of the criteria of the lustration law pursuant to the cleansing power and performance of the ministries and departments of apparent violations, we put the emphasis on the possibility of claims for reinstatement and compensation of earnings during his forced absence.